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BeLymph has the intent to inform patients with lymphoedema and health care professionals who provide care and support to these patients. BeLymph’s goal is to communicate on the best tools available for the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoedema. We use scientific, clinical and technical knowledge to improve the health, safety and quality of life of patients with lymphoedema.

Given that:

  1. We are committed to providing the most recent scientific, clinical and practical knowledge to patients and health professionals according to their needs.
  2. We are committed to lending an ear to questions on the part of patients, researchers, health professionals and industry, with the sole aim of improving the treatment of lymphoedema and its consequences, while avoiding conflicts of interest.
  3. The meetings and all documents on which mutual agreement has been reached shall form the basis for shaping our project.
  4. The meetings shall be held in a spirit of exchange and openness in order to bring together health professionals from different disciplines, patients and industry.
  5. We shall be guided by the principles of a scientific approach and a non-dogmatic education, and exhibit a critical mind allowing the discussion and critical evaluation of established values without being influenced by indoctrination.
  6. Our association has been established in a democratic manner and shall be careful to keep dogmatic thinking at bay.
  7. Accessibility and quality of care shall be central to the thinking of BeLymph.


" A theory is a supposition found to be correct after being verified by reason and review. In order to remain correct, a theory should be tested and criticised continuously and be adapted to scientific progress and newly discovered facts. In case a theory is considered as perfect and is not continuously verified against scientific experience, it will become doctrine. "
Claude Bernard, 1865

" Science shuns the undetermined, and when in medicine one bases one’s opinion on medical tact, inspiration or a relatively vague intuition of things, one places oneself outside of science and exhibits a kind of fantasy medicine which may lead to great danger by delivering patients’ health and life to the fancies of an inspired ignorant. "
Claude Bernard, 1865


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